That would be frequently unasked questions. And they’re called so for precisely this reason, not too many people ask them.

What does Mool mean?
In Sanskrit, ‘mool’ means root or source. We also interpret mool as short for ‘moolya’, which means valuable in Hindi. So, our goal in every engagement is to be the source or root of something valuable. To do great work for you. So whether it’s creating a new website, developing content for e-learning programs, writing scripts for TV or hiring good writers, we’re always all in.

Why ‘Content Solutions’?
So we started off as a bunch of writers who just did copy and content writing gigs for customers until we realised people need a one-stop-shop for their communication requirements. Now, we’re happy to let you know we’re a complete digital communications agency with strong copy and content credentials offering design and tech expertise too.

Okay, but why are you still sticking with the ‘Content Solutions’ bit in your name?
Some of us are born with names that we really did not want, yet here we are – basking in the glory of the attention that our human-given names bring us. On a separate note, life could be worse.


‘nuff said. This is not photoshopped. Proof.

Yeah, whatever. So who runs the show at Mool?
Everybody who works here. We’re a small team where every single person matters. Each Mooligan’s (team member’s) effort, output and attitude is critical for us to keep ourselves and clients happy. We’ve had failed engineers, liberal arts students, science graduates, chartered accountants and folks from all walks of life be part of the team. No matter the background, all of us bring a passion for our craft and an undying desire to excel every day.

Why should I pick Mool?
Honestly, that’s an interesting question and it’s something we’ve asked ourselves many a time over the years. Why should you pick Mool? Mmm… if you were to ask what really sets us apart, it would be the creative impetus and ideas coupled with discipline and quality work. It’s our ability to give your communication a different spin and tone that would be/should be the reason for choosing us.

So now?
Hey! We don’t have all the answers. But if you’d like more info, get in touch with us. Have a great day!