WARNING: People with a good sense of humour should avoid prolonged exposure to this section. Going through this section in its entirety could result in severe physical harm either to oneself or to others. Discontinue reading if any of the following occur; eyes watering, itching, tingling, dizziness, flatulence, loss of balance or coordination, slurred speech or profuse sweating. Mool Content Solutions takes no responsibility for reactions evoked thereof.

What do we like making?!?!?


Hey! We warned you!!! Scroll down at your own peril.

What kind of people do we have at our office?!?!

Mool-gis and Mool-gas. Together, Mooligans. (For the uninitiated, moolgi means ‘girl’ and moolga means ‘boy’ in Marathi.)

What our favourite veggie?!?!?

Mool-eee. (That’s a joke! Of course it isn’t!)

Why are we good at our work?!?!?

Because we can “mool-titask”!

But jokes apart, we are always looking for gifted writers to join our team. If you think you’ve got some Mooligan in you, mail your resume to hireme@mool.in or if you like bad jokes, read on.

What does a Mooligan put on her face when she has an acne problem?

Mool-tani mitti!

What is our FAVOURITE musical ever?!?!

Mool-an Rouge! Mooooaahahahahahahahahaha!!! Gotcha!

Where do we watch movies?

At a mool-tiplex!

Our favourite movies are Sholay, Dus and Race. What is common to them?

They’re all mool-tistarrers!

OMG! You’re still reading?!? You must be suicidal. Even writing these jokes made us sick!

Which political party do we support?

Trina-mool Congress!

Our favourite politician?

Mool-ayam Singh Yadav! (Too easy.)

Why did we start this company?

We heard a voice in our heads that said, “Go forth and mool-tiply.”

Okay really! Enough. We’re done! No more!